Just because you're not a seasoned Internet marketer, doesn't mean you have to give up on niche marketing... 

“Introducing Complete Niche Packages 
That Give You Everthing You Need To
Generate a Steady, Long-Term Income…”

Dear Friend and Fellow Entrepreneurs,

he Internet isn’t called the “super-highway of information” for nothing. It’s a well-known fact that information is the #1 product for making a surefire income on the Internet.

By creating your own unique product, you will have something that no one else has and this is by far the best way to go.

On the other hand, not all of us have the time to create our own products, which leaves us with 2 other options – using a ready-made resell product, or becoming an affiliate. Either way, you can still stand above your competitors by selecting the right sub-keyword(s).

The question here is…

– Do you want 5,000 of visitors with a sales rate of 0.1%? OR…

– Would you prefer 500 visitors with a sales rate of 3% or even more?

Just in case you don’t have your calculator at hand, the first scenario will give you a mere 5 sales, and the second one 15 – 3 times more!

But, having a product to sell is just part of the picture. The real ingredient to success is the keyword, or keyphrase, you target. Depending on your choice, it can either make or break your success.

So, now the question becomes…

Which keywords are the most profitable?” And…

“How on earth do you go about finding those elusive keywords?”

Worry no more, my friend. That is precisely what PLRproHelp is going to give you.

PLRproHelp is the all-in-one solution to your problem. We have already done all the research, and gathered the necessary information and products so you can immediately start building your Cyberspace empire.

No need for you to worry whether a niche is going to be profitable or not. We’ve done all the hard, time-consuming work, and we will pin-point the exact keywords for each niche you can use to easily create a long-term income stream.

You won’t be getting junk. We fully research each niche and provide you with hand-picked, top-quality data and other products you can utilize to build and maintain your online cash-pumping empire.

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Take a Look at the Main Features…

One of the keys to success on the Internet is diversification of income streams, and this is precisely what PLRproHelp was designed to deliver.

It will enable you to create a cluster of income streams from each niche. In other words, you won’t have just one point (a website, product, blog or affiliate product, etc) that you can look to for an income, but an entire group, or cluster, of points of income.

PLRproHelp was created with both the lazy and the diligent Internet marketer in mind, and can be utilized in so many different ways, only your imagination is the limit.

You get 4 boxed niches every month!

Each boxed niche Includes the Following:


    1.) 3 Keywords Lists:

Broad Search
Exact Search
Phrase Search

The Lists Include:

Search Count for the past 30 days (at the time of research)
Search Count for the past 12 months (at the time of research)
Ad cost (cost of ad in 1st place on Google)
Online Commercial Intent, and
Strength of Competition Index

2.) A set of PLR Articles - 20 or more – Use them for article marketing, web and blog content, create ecourses, etc.

3.) A BoxedNiche Portal – An articles website used for selling single products (includes Google Adsense and ClickBank)

4.) A VRE Minisite - A regular virtual real estate type minisite for creating income from Google Adsense, ClickBank and Amazon

5.) A Wordpress Theme – A fully widget compliant correlating theme for the world-famous and free blog script, Wordpress

6.) A Boxed Biz with Master Resale and Rebranding Rights – A unique type of product, original to us.


    7.) Other Research Resources - directly access the following inside your boxed niche for additional research:

ClickBank – you’re not restricted to reselling only the included BoxedBiz. you can use this setup to promote as many affiliate products – or even other resale products.
Amazon – for researching your competitor’s products and for gathering information you may want to offer your prospects.
Ezine Articles List – read up articles covering the niche – again, outstanding for both research on your competitors and gathering information.
Public Domain – Timeless information never goes out of date and there’s a lot you can glean from the past.
Latest News – always stay on top of your business.
Google’s WonderWheel – use this for further keyword research.
Links to Other Affiliate Products – if ClickBank doesn’t have what you need, there’s a whole slew of other websites you can look into.


    These are items and sections that are the accessible from any and all boxed niches:

8.) Access to an expanding Internet Marketer’s Guides Library

9.) Access to an expanding Video Tutorials Library – watch and learn (new and accessible from April, 2010 releases – this replaces the original single video tutorials)

10.) A Webmaster’s Toolbox – including 10 tools you can use to build and maintain your business


    11.) Extra Graphics for Customization – This is a set of extra graphics for each of the above (3 – 6). Included are “no-text” and “blank” versions of each of the headers, footers, product images and more. (no need for Photoshop)


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Still not sure? Let’s dive right in and take a closer look…

Three (3) lists of keywords and search engine data 

These keywords have been gathered through careful research – handpicked and refined to give you only the best. You get…

  • 1 “exact” count list.
  • 1 “broad” count list.
  • 1 “phrase” count list.

Each of the lists contain…

  • The Google search count for the previous 30 days.
  • The Google search count for the previous 12 months.
  • The Google top position ad cost.
  • The Strength of Competition (SOC) score for selected keywords that can prove to be highly pofitable. You will be able to compare the SOC scores for the various keywords and make your choice based on your needs.
  • An Online Keyword Commercial Intent score for the keywords in the lists above. You will be able to judge whether the commercial intent is stronger, or the non-commercial intent, thereby adjusting your sales pitch accordingly.They will tell you whether you should sharpen your content to be strongly sales-oriented, or whether you should soften your content and approach your prospect in a more subtle and indirect way.
  • Keywords that can be used as Latent Symantics Index Keywords (LSI) – keywords you can use to substitute your real keyword(s) … favored by Google and great for search engine optimization (SEO).

The Keyword Lists:


A set of 20 or more Private Label Rights articles

They can be used for creating ecourses, article marketing, web and blog content, as well as short reports. Use all of them, or just a selected few – the choice is yours.

You can view the included PLR articles in the form a virtual book – or vBook.

Features include…

  • A text editor you can use to edit and customize your articles right there inside the vBook.The pageview can be toggled to have the editor located below the article text, or to the right of it.
  • Count how many words your article contains with a simple click.
  • Select and copy everything to your clipboard with a single click and paste it to your file.
  • The vBook also contains a Dictionary and Thesaurus search form which will open a third-party free service in your own browser.

An Entire set of Correlating PLR Articles:


A Boxed Niche Portal Website

This is a website that was created to be used specifically with the boxed niches. It’s main purpose it to draw a steady stream of traffic to the product you’re aiming to sell – in this case, the one included in your boxed niche.

Adding new content on a regular basis is as easy as uploading your article text files and they will automatically appear in the navigation menu.

Adsense, Amazon and ClickBank are also included. In addition to that, there’s an easy-to-use Variables Generator tool for customizing your personal information.

You can also easily update your portal with new content to offer new products – even target new keywords for that niche. For example, there are blank images also included so you can easily customize the entire website to be used with a product you created, another resale product or an affiliate product.

NEW! The Boxed Niche Portal now also includes an Automatic List Builder.

What this does is, when you visitor clicks to read a second article, they will first be taken to a splashpage that will contain an offer of a free gift in exchange for their email address. They can either accept or decline it, and then proceed to read the article they were originally looking for.

Your prospects will only see the gift once per visit, so it it’s very visitor-friendly. Also, the gift page can be updated with a new gift from time to time, which will enable to target the same prospect with a different gift – even they didn’t want your first gift, they might want your second gift. :)

The Boxed Niche Portal:

The Boxed Niche Portal Auto List Builder squeeze page:

**Extra images are included for customization purposes.


A Virtual Real Estate Minisite

Also known as Google Adsense websites, these are a “set and forget” type of website. The ones included in the boxed niches are a little different to the conventional websites, though, in that they contain less pages – usually between 5 and 10.

This makes it easier to customize and allows you to create a quality monetization site as opposed to the “junk” sites these kinds of websites sometimes tend to be.

VRE Minisite:

**Extra images are included for customization purposes.


A WordPress Theme

Blogs are one of the easiest and quickest ways to get your product “out there” and in front of your prospects’ eyes.

You can use this correlating theme to create a professional-looking blog using the world-famous (and free) blog script, WordPress.

Correlating WordPress Theme:

**Extra images are included for customization purposes.


A BoxedBiz with Rebranding and MRR

This is a product with Master Resale Rights that you can use to further add to your income. It’s in the form of a software and is  unique to the boxed niches.

Unlike a regular ebook, it’s a “box” containing a ton of information pertaining to the niche. It’s divided into the following 2 main sections:

  • Section 1
    This is a Q&A section which lists answers to specific questions the reader can consult. The content has been gathered from all over the Internet and includes links to articles, blogs, forums, etc., that the user can click on for further details – and even take part in the forum discussions if they like.
  • Section 2
    A second feature is an accumulation of online resources the reader can further look into for not only information, but also digital and physical products pertaining. These products are not affiliated, so it gives a professional impression and allows the reader to purchase without hesitation – plus you’ll be safe with the FTC, no matter what. ;)

The BoxedBiz Product Content:

The Product Image – 5 sizes are included:

The BoxedBiz Salespage:

**Extra images are included for customization purposes. There are also extra
ecover images if you would like to create your own ecovers.

 The boxed niches have been created in such a way that they can be utilized in a number of different ways. For example…

  • you could create your own product from scratch, thereby making yours a one and only on the entire Internet – and use a WordPress blog – or the PLRproHelp Portal – as your point of sale, or…
  • you could simply slap the ready-made BoxedBiz online and quickly start generating income, or…
  • you could join an affiliate program and immediately start cashing in on other people’s products.

To promote, you could then…

  • combine a blog and your product – an easy and quick way to promote your product, or…
  • combine the PLRproHelp Portal and BoxedBiz for promoting the the product in a unique and customized way, or…
  • use a blog, the PLRproHelp Portal and the BoxedBiz to promote 3 completely different products in the same niche,
  • …and I’ll bet you can come up with lots more!

…But, we’re not even close to being done yet…


Access an entire data-center, so to speak, of information regarding the main niche!

  • Stay on top of the trend for your niche for years to come. Read the latest news on your niche directly in your boxed niche.
  • A list of ClickBank’s affiliate products for that niche. Listed in order of popularity, it’ll be easy for you to pick a profitable product you can promote.This can be used either in addition to the included resale product, or instead of it.Note: This feature will only be included if and when we are able to find products that are actually related to the niche.
  • A list of Amazon’s products related to that niche – use this to keep abreast of your competition, for general research and informational purposes when creating your own product or customizing your articles.
  • A list of other affiliate products for that niche – in the absense of ClickBank, you can perhaps finds something here – or, this can also be used in addition to all the other products you already have at your disposal.
  • A list of articles written by other authors – access articles that have been published on www.ezinearticles.com specifically regarding your niche.You can use this information for researching your product, or your competition.
  • A list of content available in the Public Domain – this will usually be content that can be used for commercial intent. Again, outstanding for research as well as product creation.
  • Also research other profitable keywords in-depth if needed – even if it’s years from now.You will be able to access Google’s WonderWheel directly in your boxed niche, which will allow you to see the most popular keywords, as well as glean targeted information for those keywords.

Instantly get a list of available affiliate products at ClickBank:


Do further in-depth keyword research and view the latest available content on each:


Access a Constantly Growing Library of Guides for Internet Marketers to help you succeed online…

This section contains marketing tips specifically on how to make a success with your business online – these are in PDF format and can be read directly in your boxed niche… or downloaded if preferred. (Currently contains over 30 guides and growing…)

Marketing Tips to ensure your success:


Access a Constantly Growing Library of Internet Marketing Video Tutorials…

Created by professional Internet Marketers, these videos will answer all your “how to” questions in an easy-to-understand, visual format. Simply watch and follow. (Currently contains over 300 videos and growing…)

Video Tutorials – watch and learn:


Bonus Products…

  • Graphics and/or images you can use when creating your web pages, or products – 1 module is included in each boxed niches.These are royalty-free images and you’re welcome to use them in any way you need – barring reselling the images as stand-alone products.
  • 100 articles with Full, Unrestricted Private Label Rights. You can do whatever you like with them, except give them away free of charge.You can create ebooks and reports for an added income, you can offer ecourses to your visitors – and create yet another income stream. You can… … well, I think I’ll leave that up to you. :)

Update: Our current series includes images in both PNG and SVG (Vector) format and can be downloaded as a package to your hard drive.


Access a full-featured WYSIWYG editor

You will also have access a full-fledged WYSIWYG / HTML editor you can use to add some touches to your articles or web pages.

It’s easy to use, and perfect for quickly editing and formatting your articles and other web contents.

Add the final touches to your content:


Each boxed niche is packaged in a neat and user-friendly format. There’s no “installing” involved – you simply open the index page in your browser and that’s it.

The setup is simple, straight-forward and easy to use, but we also have a User Manual you can easily access from each boxed niche whenever needed. There you will see how you can utilize the boxed niches for maximum profit potential.

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…Oh, and let’s not forget the Toolbox! :)

In addition to the above, you will also be able to download the following software and tools you can use to assist you in creating your product and promoting it. This section is global to all the boxed niches, regardless of when they were released. Here is a sampling…

The Ultimate Directory Submitter

The ArticleGenesis Directory SubmitterThis is a software for easily submitting any web page URL to over 1,800 directories.

Submitting your link(s) to directories is an easy way to get 1-way links, as well as visitors from all corners of Cyberspace.


The AG Simple Counter

The AG Simple CounterThis is a desktop Text Editor tool you can use to count characters and words in an article.

Extremely easy to use and lightweight, you can see how many characters or words your article/ad contains. It caters for both 1-bit and 2-bit characters.


AG Keyword Injector

AG Keyword InjectorEasily insert your keyword phrase and create multiple versions of your article.

This will allow you to take 1 article and by injecting various long-tail keywords or LSI keywords, you can effectively create multiple versions of the same article.


AG Document Creator

AG Document CreatorThis is a full-featured editor and multiple format document creator in one.

Load your file into the software and save it in a different format, such as HTML, PDF, etc. PDF files can also optionally be secured.


AG ezSites Pro

AG ezSites ProThis is a full-featured and highly flexible salespage creator.

No need to be a seasoned copywriter. This tool will give you everything on a platter – just take your pick. Your saved salespage will be professionally laid out and ready to go.



This is a screenshot capturing tool.

This must be one of the easiest tools to us when you need a screenshot of your screen or part of it. There’s nothing to download – just double-click and it will open.


CB Produce Evaluator

This is a really easy tool to use in determining whether a ClickBank affiliate product is worth your time and effort.

This tool will give you the refund rate of the product. The lower the refund rate, the better chance you will have of actually seeing commissions. The refund rate will also show you whether a product is good or not.



You will be getting 4 boxed niches a month, each thoroughly researched and ready to exploit.

Why sell niche packages?

What with the Internet already overflowing with professional Internet Marketers, one of the best – and easiest – ways left to any new marketer who wants ot try and make a living online is to go for the niches.

But, niche marketing in itself can be pretty daunting, especially to the inexperienced. Even though most any niche lends itself to profiting from, the important point is to know exactly which keywords will be the most profitable.

With PLRproHelp, they will be getting the niche, the best keywords and even the products and articles they will be needing to start making money immediately, already researched and nicely packaged.

Did you know…?
According to internetworldstats.com, the estimate for the total of Internet users world-wide by the end of 2007 was 1,319,872,109 (appr. 1.3 Billion). The average growth of Internet users between the years 2000 and 2007 is estimated at 265.6%!

According to domaintools.com, there are currently 98,696,293 (appr. 98.5 Million) active domains as of February 06, 2008, with approximately 843,797 new domains added on this single day alone!

It’s said that most of the newcomers to the Internet are looking for ways to make money online.

It’s also a fact that informational products are the best kind of income-generating products.

With PLRproHelp, you can help them put their business on the fast track to success.

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And this brings us to the final question…

How much would you be prepared to invest in all of this?

Or, more to the point… How much is your time worth? Because, quite frankly, that’s what it boils down to.

Think about the time you can save on researching for the right niche, researching for the right keywords – which are the most profitable and how should they be used? Think of all the time you can save on creating your products, affiliate programs, the right content, and just so much more!

And, I’m not even going to mention the hundreds of dollars you’ll be dishing out in the process!

So, let me ask you again… What is all this worth to you?

I know… it’s difficult to actually put a price on your own time and freedom, so I’ll just go ahead and give it to you.

Conservatively calculated, the production cost of each of these boxed niches is approximately $420. With 8 a month, that’s a total of $3,360. And, this doesn’t even include all the other features you’ll have access to as a member.

Obviously I wouldn’t expect you to pay that, though. Lucky for you, this is a membership and you won’t have to carry the weight of that cost on your shoulders alone. So, here’s the deal…

This incredible opportunity can be yours at just $19/month.



The best part about the PLRproHelp System is that we will not charge you $100 a month, not even $75 a month, Our website consultant told us not to provide these services for less than $69 a month because we might piss off the competition. Too bad for our competition, we will make this system available to you today for ......

Join Now!

Your initial charge will be just $19. You will then be charged only $19/month for a 24 month period.
You will then have the opportunity to renew your membership after 24 months.
You may cancel your membership at any time.

Here’s Is Our Iron-Clad,100% Money Back Guarantee!! If you are not completely satisfied with your membership, simply let us know within 56 days and we’ll refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked! You've got absolutely nothing to lose -- and everything to gain! Get the help you need with a step-by-step system that is guaranteed to put you at the top of the search engines!


PS. Did I mention that we have an affiliate program. Our members can earn 20% commission on every paying member they refer to the PLRproHelp system. Not only does our affiliate program pay well, but our affiliate program is handled through Clickbank. More information is in the members area.

"ClickBank is a registered trademark of Keynetics Inc., a Delaware corporation. PLRproHelp.com is not affiliated with Keynetics Inc. in any way, nor does Keynetics Inc. sponsor or approve any PLRproHelp.com product. Keynetics Inc. expresses no opinion as to the correctness of any of the statements made by PLRproHelp.com in the materials on this Web page."

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